From excellence in development to radical innovation:
the two souls of Bormioli Pharma’s Research & Development Center

One specialized team that is specifically dedicated to the continuous improvement of both our products and their productions processes, always keeping a vigilant eye on the leading trends in the markets of Tomorrow.

These are the two souls of Bormioli Pharma’s R&D Center, with over 30 highly specialized professionals using the most advanced prototyping, characterization, and product-analysis technologies.

An iterative, precise, and reliable process: Research and Development as constant improvement.

Bormioli Pharma’s R&D Center is structured to bring value and improvement to each phase of the development process of a new product:

    • Design phase: through 3D Design software, the simulation of structural and process analysis and fast prototyping, we can drastically reduce the requirements in terms of development time, anticipating most of the main evaluations on the product and on the following production process;
    • Testing phase: a technology lab and an on-site Mold workshop ensure a fast and efficient tuning for the mold and the product, promoting an iterative approach to development;
    • Characterization phase: a dedicated laboratory performs dimensional and functional tests. Among other technologies, the Research and Development Center at Bormioli Pharma performs analysis through: 3D optical measurement devices, 3D tactile measurement devices, tomography, automated torque, thickness gauge, dynamometer, vacuum chamber, and special controlled-environment chambers to perform tests under specific conditions.

Each one of these phases grants reliability to the process, setting solid scientific foundations for the product’s development process, consequently granting full support to the R&D needs of the client.

Cooperative, agile, flexible: the innovation process opens up to the outside.

In addition to the more traditional development activity, Bormioli Pharma’s R&D Center relies on a team of professionals devoted to intercept and understand the ever changing and rising needs of the market and of the patients, to turn them in revolutionary product ideas. To make it so, they rely on an innovation program open to the cooperation with clients, startups, Research Institutions and Universities.

Based on the direct reception of the patient’s needs and field research on new market trends, the program identifies the development guidelines to follow. Once this first mapping is arranged, the ideation and creation phase for new prototypes starts, and thanks to a fast factory approach and the cooperation with other players in the innovation field, it allows to get substantial results in just a few months.
This way, there is a dramatical decrease of time requirements for the ideation and tuning phase, after which the prototypes take part in the traditional R&D process at the Research and Development Center, promoting a circular approach to innovation.