A High-level quality assurance

Bormioli Pharma Vasto is constantly at work to improve the quality standards of its products, to satisfy the growing needs coming from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

The punctual revision of the company’s productive process is made easier and more efficient thanks to the company’s personnel involvement in training programs, the Good Manufacturing Practice system guaranteed by the ISO 15378:2007 legislation, and to the quality management system ISO 9001:2008. To guarantee the highest quality standards, Bormioli Pharma Vasto only uses technologically advanced machinery and high-quality materials, all according to the global high-quality policy the company has been following for a long time.
Bormioli Pharma Vasto is able to offer a customized approach to follow the client’s development and trends and all the needed support. The company invests all his efforts to fully understand the client’s needs so to provide them with innovative solutions, relying on Bormioli Pharma’s global knowledge and development capability.


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 identifies a number of laws and guidelines developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defining the requirements for the realization of a quality management system.
Said indications allow to:

  • Perform Productive Processes
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness in the realization of the product and in supplying the service; to obtain and improve client’s satisfaction.

Bormioli Pharma Vasto is ISO 9001:2015 certified by Bureau Veritas in “Design and Production of aluminum, plastic and elastomers closures for the Pharmaceutical Industry”, following the path followed since April of 2000.

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ISO 15378:2017

ISO 15378:2017 is specific to packaging materials for pharmaceutical products. Based on ISO 9001, it follows the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) too. This standard defines the requirements for the quality management system concerning design, production, supply, monitoring and measurement of the products. That includes criteria for production lots and tracking, environment condition control, critical processes validation and risk management. RINA S.p.A. Operates in competitive form on the market, and supplies evaluation, control, certification and research services, all according to national and international laws, relatively to materials, projects, technologies, products and plants, including the performance of duties assigned by Public Administrations and other Authorities.
RINA S.p.A. Has certified Bormioli Pharma Vasto to be in conformity with parameters from the ISO 15378:2011 standards.

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ISO 14001:2018  

The acronym ISO 14001 identifies a management standard, setting the requirements for the implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS), that is able to detect and control the effects of its own function and of its own products and services on the environment.
Bormioli Pharma Vasto (former GCL Pharma) has obtained the ISO 14001:2015 certification from Bureau Veritas in November of 2017, completing the project on sustainability of its former group, Guala Closures Group, that offers, in addition to the reception of the legislation, six performance indicators for the safeguard of environmental objectives.

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