Cookie Policy

As per Art. 13 EU Regulation 2016/679 (protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data), in full respect of Legistlative Provision n.229 by the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data on May 8th 2014, Bormioli Pharma Spa provides the following cookie policy, based on their function and on how eventually disable them. 

What is a Cookie

Cookies are strings of text that websites visited by the user save on the computer’s Hard Drive or on any device used by the user to access the Internet (Smartphone, Tablet), to be transmitted to the same websites in the future, when the user browses the Internet. Cookies can be permanently stored on the user’s computer and have a variable duration (persistent cookies) or can vanish when closing the browser or have a limited duration (session cookies).
Cookies can be installed by the website you are browsing (first party cookies) or can be installed by other websites (third party cookies), and are used for actions like authentication, session monitoring or the storage of information regarding the activities of the users accessing the website.

Cookies are classified by:

  • Navigation and Functional Cookies: used respectively for authentication purposes and improvement for the overall user experience (e.g. Storage of User language preferences)
  • Analytical Cookies: used by the website handler to gather information on the users visiting the website
  • Advertising Cookies: used to send messages in line with the user’s preferences gathered during its browsing activities
  • Social Cookies: used to allow interaction with social networks

As per current legislation, in Italy explicit consent from the user is not contemplated to receive cookies, if said cookies are designated as “technical”, so aimed exclusively at the transmission of a communication on an electronic communication net.

As it is been stated by the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data (General Provision “Detection of simplified methods for information and acquisition of consent to allow the use of cookies – May 8th 2014”), are to be considered technical:

  • analytical cookies where used directly by the owner of the website to gather information, in aggregated and anonymous form, on the number of users and on how they browse the website
  • Navigation and Functional Cookies

As per current legislation in Italy, it is required a preemptive consent declaration to allow the installation of profiling cookies.
For this reason, when accessing the website, a dedicated banner will appear informing the user that profiling cookies are being used, and that consent to that type of cookies will be considered approved if the user closes the banner, scrolls the landing page or clicks on any element outside of the banner (e.g. A picture or a link).

How Bormioli Pharma Spa uses cookies:


First part cookies

Name Provider Task Expire Date Type
CookieConsent Store the state of consent to cookies for the user of the current domain. 1 year HTTP Cookie
PHPSESSID Preserve the user status through the pages of the website. Session HTTP Cookie
_icl_current_language Save the user’s preferred language on the website. 1 day HTTP Cookie

Third Party Cookies

Name Provider Task Expire Date Type
_ga Google Register a univocal ID used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. 2 year HTTP Cookie
_gat Google Used by Google Analytics to limit the frequency of requests. 1 day HTTP Cookie
_gid Google Register a univocal ID used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. 1 day HTTP Cookie
collect Used to send data to Google Analytics on what device is used and on the user’s behavior. Keeps track of the user on marketing channels and devices. Session Pixel Tracker

Cookies on Bormioli Pharma Spa’s websites are:

  • Functional Cookies, that allow the user to optimally browse Bormioli Pharma Spa’s website following criteria and options previously selected (as, per example, favorite language, so to avoid selecting the desired language at each access, or products previously added to the virtual shopping cart that will be saved and stored until the next access to the website);
  • Third-Party Cookies, used by partners of Bormioli Pharma Spa, present the user with Ads and Banners sponsoring Bormioli Pharma Spa when browsing other websites, showcasing the latest products you checked out on Bormioli Pharma Spa. While browsing Bormioli Pharma Spa, those cookies will be used to showcase products that could be of interest or similar to those already searched for, based on your browsing history. The use of said cookies does not involve the treatment of personal data, but can allow the connection to your computer or to other devices and trace your saved data: said cookies will connect to the browser installed on your computer or on the devices used to browse the internet;
  • Profiling Cookies, aimed at creating profiles for reach user, so to be able to send marketing messages in line with the user’s shown preferences during the browsing session. On our website there are third-Party Cookies that have access to user data only to an aggregate level. Following are the links to privacy policies and attached consent modules for said third parties, that could change periodically so it is highly recommended to check them out in the future, where the user can find more detailed information::
  • Social Media Sharing Cookies

Third-Party Cookies are used to integrate some of the most used functions on social media on the website. They allow the registration and the authentication to the website through Facebook and Google Connect, the sharing of content and comments on the websites to social media platforms, and enable the “Like” function on Facebook and the “+1” function on G+.

Following are listed the links to the respective privacy Policy pages:

Facebook   privacy policy
G+   privacy policy
Twitter   privacy policy

All kind of cookies above mentioned can be stored on the user’s computer or in the mobile device used for different periods of time, accordingly to their function.

Cookies stored on computers or mobile devices cannot be used to recall any data from hard drives, transmit malwares, identify and use your email address, nor perform any other function different from those above mentioned.


How to change the cookie settings

It is possible to manage your own cookie preferences at any moment, choosing what type of cookies to allow, block or cancel, totally or partially, through the user’s browser settings; following is the link to enter to manage cookies on the most popular browsers:

For further information and details on the various types of cookies, on their functions and characteristics, please visit the websites – not affiliated with this website – and

To disable analytical cookies and to prevent Google Analytics to gather data on your browsing activity, it is possible to download a browser Add-On that disables Google Analytics:

Bormioli Pharma Spa will save and store user’s preferences in terms of cookies thanks to a dedicated technical cookie that follows the rules and characteristics listed on the previous table.

We kindly inform that blocking or erasing, totally or partially:

  • Technical Cookies, could lead to an impossibility to browse our website, view its content, and make use of its services;
  • Functional Cookies, could cause the unavailability of some services and functions on the website or a possible malfunction, forcing the user to modify or to manually insert some information or preferences at each visit on the website;
  • Other cookies (analytics and profiling) will not interfere with the proper functioning of the website.

Communication and Data Diffusion

The data gathered using cookies could be handled by employees and collaborators for company functions devoted to the ends above indicated, that were expressly authorized for Data Treatment and were properly instructed on the proper procedures. Said data could be handled by companies that we entrusted with the function of performing technical and management operations. Said companies are our direct collaborators and cover the Data Controller role. Specifically, when treating Data through the Website, the company was nominated to cover site hosting and data backup needs. In addition to that, Data could be treated by outsourced entities in quality of independent entities, like Authorities and supervisory and control bodies. Data gathered though cookies (e.g. Google) could be transmitted to the United States of America and, according to the principles stated in the Privacy Shield, including Google Analytics, the data protection level has been deemed adequate from the European Commission in full respect of the current legislation.

Your rights

Contacting the Data Controller through email at, the interested party can ask for access to their data, ask for cancellation of said data, and the limitation of data treatment under the cases listed in Art. 18 GDPR, or could oppose data treatment in case of legitimate interest of the party.
Interested parties, in case of treatment based on consent or on a contract, that is performed through automated tools have the right to receive their data through a structured format, of common use and compatible with automated data readers, and if possible, to transmit them to other Controllers without further hindrance.
Interested Parties have the right to revoke the consent to profiling cookies, and the right to oppose the use of marketing cookies without bringing prejudice to the website correct functioning. Interested parties have the right to file a claim to the competent Control Authority in the Member Country of their residence or where they usually work, on in the Country where the violation presumably happened.