Aluminium Closures

D. 13-32 Aluminium Closures Central Tear-Off

Bormioli Pharma Vasto offers a wide range of closures in aluminum for pharmaceutical packaging solutions for the crimp capping of rubber stoppers. Our range of closures comes in an an extremely wide range of colors. The closures are produced under strictly conditions. During the production process, the closures are inspected using in-line inspection systems in order to guarantee an optimal product quality outcome. In particular, the Lever Closure is engineered to preserve the sterility (by exposing the products to saturated steam at high temperatures 121°C ) of the rubber stopper. This range of closures is suitable for sealing single-dose and bottles of medicine which are administered through a needle and are the most popular on the market.

The center tab cap enhances the safety and reveals tamper evidence of the sealed product by protecting the injection site of the stopper with a removable aluminum tab. This tab is removed by breaking the bridges attaching it to the seal.

Vial neck Code D H1 H2 Note
13 PH 555 13,40 6,50 6,50 x
20 198 Tris 20,30 7,50 7,50 x
20 177 20,30 7,60 7,60 4 bridges
29 253 29,20 9,30 9,30 3 bridges
29 267 Bis 9,30 9,30 9,30 x
29 401 29,20 9,60 9,60 Level Caps 11mm bore
32 PH 561 32,40 11,60 11,60 x
32 PH 562 32,40 13,00 13,00 x